Roberts Bakery undertake reVUE driver training

Monday, March 31, 2014 - 15:30
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SAFER: Roberts undertake reVUE training

North-West bakers Roberts are emphasising road safety by investing in reVUE’s evidence-based driver coaching programme.

After originally partnering with reVUE’s sister company, VUE, to install their in-vehicle Video Data Recorder (VDR) technology throughout their commercial fleet, the bakers have taken the second step in their safety drive.

They are now using reVUE to analyse the VDR results to offer driver coaching.

Mark Owen, Director of Logistics at Roberts Bakery, said: “We installed VUE’s VDR system in more than 80 of our delivery vehicles just under a year ago.

“It’s proved to be so worthwhile in terms of reducing insurance costs and protecting drivers from non-fault accidents or fraudulent insurance claims, that we are now implementing the second stage, reVUE’s driver coaching, to further strengthen our safety strategy.”

VUE’s three-camera system allows images to be displayed live on a screen in the cab, capturing and bookmarking instances of excessive G-force, speed and heavy braking.

reVUE utilise the footage and driving data in order to give commercial drivers coaching-style feedback.

Glen Mullins, Director of VUE and reVUE, added: “We work with a number of commercial fleet owners and insurance companies which have seen that CCTV technology, when professionally interpreted, improves driver behaviour and attitude, with the result of improved safety on the roads.

“Our aim is to help as many fleet owners as possible reduce the number of accidents their drivers have, improve safety for other road users and reduce insurance costs – but also protect drivers from other road users.”

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