Motiva launch new accident management package

Monday, March 31, 2014 - 15:00
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PACKAGE: MotivAssist goes live next month

Motiva Group are launching a new accident management package designed to enhance their customer service element.

MotivAssist, which goes live in April, will replace Motiva’s existing accident management scheme.

According to Motiva, it will offer fleet managers ‘the security of knowing all aspects of vehicle repair and replacement will be dealt with efficiently with minimum down-time’.

Peter Wright, Sales Director at Motiva, said: “The introduction of MotivAssist will be great news for our customers.

“The introduction of MotivAssist will be great news for our customers.”

Peter Wright, Motiva

“Road accidents will always happen, but finding the time or resources to manage and resolve issues relating to them can sometimes be near impossible.

“This will take all of the inconvenience involved away from clients because we’ll organise everything for them and we think it’s an attractive proposition.

“It’s a comprehensive accident management package which will very much enhance our list of services and our goal to offer a complete range of solutions.”

Mr Wright added that Motiva’s new package, the result of a partnership with Manchester-based Complete Vehicle Support (CVS), will represent a big improvement.

Crucially, he said, it will also fit perfectly with a commitment to customer service standards so important to the business.

“We did have an accident management scheme before, but we felt it wasn’t providing the same customer service that we like to give to our customers,” added Mr Wright.

“We’ve now teamed up with CVS, who have a similar business approach to our own, and we’re sure existing customers will notice a big difference.

“With some accident management schemes, clients can become just an account number – it can be like dealing with a big insurance company.

“But we want to offer peace of mind with the personal touch.

“With a single phone call, we’ll take over every aspect of process, whether the accident is the fault of our customers or not and whether it involves cars, vans or trucks.

“We’ll provide an around-the-clock service that takes care of everything from insurance issues, repair or replacement of vehicles, courtesy cars and delivery.

“It will basically minimise disturbance in the day-to-day life of the driver and enable both them and their fleet managers to concentrate on their business.

“And we’ll make sure our clients are looked after at each and every stage because that’s what we’re all about – we’re people people.”

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