Road infrastructure set for boost under new legislation

Monday, June 9, 2014 - 14:00
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BOOST: Government unveil new Infrastructure Bill

New legislation designed to encourage investment in Britain’s road infrastructure has been unveiled by the government.

The Infrastructure Bill, among other goals, aims to create long-term funding for work on the country’s major road network, helping ensure smoother, quicker and quieter journeys.

It has seen the Highways Agency turned into a government-owned company, with £2.6billion the target to be saved over the next ten years.

The legislation will also make several technical administrative improvements to the Planning Act 2008, look to end delays on green-lit planning projects and create a centralised Local Land Charges register.

Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin said: “Investment in infrastructure is central to the government’s long-term economic plan and that is why we are spending almost £73billion over the period 2015 to 2021 on transport alone.

“This Bill will hugely boost Britain’s competitiveness in transport, energy provision, housing development and nationally significant infrastructure projects.

“These powerful new measures will drive investment, making it easier, quicker and simpler to get Britain building for the future.”

The joint Bill was published by the Department for Transport on behalf of the Land Registry; Energy and Climate Change; Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and Communities and Local Government.

Its provisions have been developed following several reviews and extensive consultation.

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