RAM Tracking launch market-leading Slippy Maps technology


LEADER: RAM Tracking’s new Slippy Maps

RAM Tracking are offering customers market-leading vehicle monitoring and fleet utilisation with their new Slippy Maps technology.

Available as a free upgrade to all customers, the system is the first of its type to be introduced by a vehicle tracking company.

Slippy Maps is a browser-based map which provides RAM users with enhanced detail and superior imagery at no extra cost.

The user can navigate around the map through seamless zooming and panning functions.

Maps load more rapidly with no tiling or blurred images commonly found with other mapping systems.

Through extremely accurate vehicle positioning, customers are able to identify precise employee locations to monitor their safety or instantly respond to any queries.

Chris McClellan, Joint Managing Director and Co-Founder of RAM Tracking, said; “It’s a credit to our team and the culmination of two years of in-house technological developments.

“Incorporating Slippy Maps into our tracking system is a result of direct customer requirements extending our already superior service.

“We’re here to listen and develop our software to further improve the user experience where possible.”

RAM’s software and technology is designed, researched, developed and built in-house.

This means the company are able to directly implement any required upgrades – a minimum of four software updates are issued free of charge to 3,000 customers every year.

“As our software is advanced and applied in-house, we are not reliant on external providers,” added Mr Clellan.

“However, we work with partners from all four corners of the world, ensuring our solution puts our clients at the forefront of technology.

“Plans are already in place to continue developing Slippy Maps to offer improved GEO fencing, road fencing, immediate speed breaches and speed data amongst other features.”

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