Pilkington quality backed by AA Glass

Wednesday, July 9, 2014 - 13:30
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AA Glass has joined forces with Pilkington

AA Glass has joined forces with Pilkington, one of the world’s leading automotive glass suppliers, for exclusive provision of vehicle windscreens for its customers.

AA Glass had previously used a range of suppliers, including Pilkington, and has found inconsistency in the quality of some other providers’ products.

Graham Palin, Operations Manager of AA Glass, said: “This is a highly competitive and turbulent market which has put pressure on prices and, in my view, this has led some supplies to be of poorer quality – particularly from some overseas markets.”

“The deal with Pilkington ensures that not only does replacement glazing match or exceed the original vehicle manufacturers’ specifications but a highly efficient distribution network ensures that orders are usually fulfilled within 24hours.

“We’re delighted with the efficient way the system is working.”

“Orders from glass technicians are placed by AA into Pilkington’s automated supply system and the glass is sent to a specified collection point.

The AA’s technician then collects it and fits the glass to the customer’s vehicle at a time and place convenient to him or her – at home or at work.

“Over 93% of our replacement glass is supplied directly from Pilkington while the remaining 7% is sourced mainly from dealers and specialist suppliers.”

According to recent research for the AA by Populus, 37% of more than 21,000 AA members have suffered damage to their car’s windscreen over a two year period.

“The plague of potholes that has beset UK roads following the wettest winter on record hasn’t helped.

“Untreated, that can very quickly develop into serious damage which will require replacement of the glass………. a crack in the driver’s line of sight would also be an MoT test failure.

“With a replacement Pilkington screen, AA Glass customers can trust that their new screen will perfectly match the damaged glass, with a lifetime guarantee.”

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