Pendragon roll out new Shell fuel card package

Friday, June 13, 2014 - 13:00
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PACKAGE: New deal could save fleets on fuel

A new package enabling fleets to pay sub-supermarket prices at 3,500 fuel stations nationwide is being rolled out by Pendragon Contracts.

The fuel card, a collaboration with Shell, will enable new Pendragon customers to benefit from ultra-low prices whether at a motorway site or a local filling station.

Pendragon’s scheme aims to allow fleets to budget for their fuel card schemes more accurately and cut costs at the same time.

The package, which can be allocated to individuals, vehicles or cost centres with tailored payment options, incorporates Shell’s FuelSave fuels, which save up to one litre per tank.

An online management system allows fleet managers to control the scheme and provide authorisation for the secure card, subject to product restrictions and checks.

The facility is HMRC-approved and captures mileage data at every fill up, providing valuable management information.

Neal Francis, Managing Director of Pendragon Contracts, said: “Customers shouldn’t take their current fuel package for granted.

“Our advice is to carry out a review at least every six months and take a close look at pricing, service delivery, reporting and network coverage.

“Pendragon’s fuel offer through Shell now enables customers to make typical savings of 2p per litre compared to alternative suppliers.”

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