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Pendragon and FMG aim to cut fleet crashes by 30% with new solution

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SOLUTION: Pendragon and FMG join forces

Pendragon Contracts and FMG are launching a new solution aimed at cutting fleet accident rates by 30%.

Ingenium Dynamics is a telemetry-centred programme which manages driver risk by identifying issues that can lead to both excessive fuel consumption and driver incidents.

The technology captures vehicle data, which is then logged, enabling the organisation to review driver behaviour through insight reports.

Fleet managers will be able to create performance improvement plans to raise awareness of drivers’ motoring habits, and deliver improvements through a driver change framework.

Neal Francis, Managing Director at Pendragon Contracts, said: “By training, motivating, incentivising and reviewing drivers’ plans, this driver management solution has been proven to sustain a positive change in driving behaviour.

“The investment and operational costs of this programme can be included within the monthly contract hire rentals and fleet managers will be able to deliver a payback on their investment in the system within 12months of successful implementation and adoption by drivers.”

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