NS Clarke Transport reap huge fuel savings with first Mercedes-Benz New Actros units

Monday, August 19, 2013 - 12:00
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SAVINGS: NS Clarke reap fuel benefits

Staffordshire-based NS Clarke Transport are recording fuel savings worth up to half a mile per gallon with their first Mercedes-Benz New Actros tractor units.

The 33 units, one of which is a Euro6, were purchased from Midlands Truck and Van, who offer their three-year Mercedes-Benz repair and maintenance contracts.

Midlands Truck and Van collect and deliver NS Clarke’s vehicles, as well as sending mobile technicians to the operator’s yard most weekends to keep downtime to a minimum.

Shaun Clarke, Managing Director of NS Clarke Transport, said: “The dealer’s Wolverhampton depot is about 16miles from our base in Lichfield, and much of that journey is on congested roads.

“So when we bought our first five Mercedes-Benz trucks in 2009, it was on condition that they provide a collection and delivery service for routine maintenance and inspections.

“The deal would never have happened without that commitment.

“Some weeks we’ll have 15 pieces of equipment going over to the workshop, while the fact that they’ll also come over here on a Saturday or Sunday is very convenient.

“Dealers rarely get praised but Midlands Truck and Van work very hard and do an excellent job.”

NS Clarke – who are celebrating their 30th anniversary this year – also use eight refrigerated Sprinter vans for urgent and temperature-controlled deliveries.

They provide UK and continental bulk haulage of a wide range of commodities, as well as associated transport services, to a vast customer base.

Latest additions to their fleet include eight 44tonne New Actros BigSpace tractor units, among them a 2548 model with 480hp Euro 6 engine.

There are also two 450hp 2545s, while the rest are 510hp 2551s.

“The 450hp units are between .2 and .3 of a gallon ahead of the 460hp units from the current Actros range, which we’ve been running,” added Mr Clarke.

“They’re ok for curtainside work but for the bulk tipping industry they’re a bit underpowered.

“The 510s and the Euro 6 480, on the other hand, are a full half a mile per gallon better, which represents a very welcome saving.

“Looking ahead, we reckon the Euro 6 version will be perfect for our operation.

“Our trucks have to perform, of course, and the New Actros are certainly doing that, which explains why we intend to buy another 16 before March.

“But so, too, do the dealer and, indeed, the manufacturer.

“It’s all about the complete package, and that’s what we get from Mercedes-Benz.”

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