New Comprehensive Dealer Finance Service

Monday, July 31, 2017 - 12:30
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Every year, the UK motor industry sees £74 billion worth of car loans and motor finance approved, £51 billion of which is lent directly through lenders and aggregators.

Recognising this as a significant missed opportunity for dealers, Exchange and Mart has partnered with Dealerplus to allow traders to competitively underwrite and package finance deals, whilst offering customers a ‘whole of market’ loan comparison.

The new collaboration gives dealers access to motor finance products and services helping them empower their customers in making a better informed decision, by generating a higher level of finance enquiries on their website that will ultimately boost sales.

The growing network of dealers who have partnered with Exchange and Mart to create their website can now opt-in and place their own finance business, saving them time, effort and money, whilst earning commission, at no cost.

Thom Coupar-Evans, Commercial Director for Exchange and Mart explains:  “The launch of this new service gives dealers the ability to realistically compete with direct lenders and aggregators.

“Their customers benefit from clear and concise information on the different financial products available, including a multiple funding calculator.  The enables them to stack their own finance deal within lending guidelines, and obtain an accurate quote on a vehicle of their choice. Lending decisions are instant, offering buyers a seamless finance journey.

“By bringing dealers exciting finance options for their websites, we are allowing them to instantly underwrite and package deals to boost their bottom line and sell more vehicles, making Dealerplus a perfect addition to Exchange and Mart’s market leading dealer website offering.”

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