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Motoring fine ‘nightmare’ to be tackled by ACFO


NIGHTMARE: Do you suffer at hands of fines?

The Association of Car Fleet Operators (ACFO) are hosting ‘the most comprehensive seminar ever held’ on the issue of parking and motoring fines.

With numerous expert speakers from key organisations, the ‘masterclass’ will tackle issues including liabilities facing employees and employers, the fine and appeal process relating to public and private parking, and HR issues impacting on employers and employees when fines are levied.

Entitled ‘Another Fine Mess?’ and sponsored by Ford, the members-only seminar will be held on June 3, at the Henry Ford College, Loughborough.

More than 50 ACFO members have already pre-registered.

“Fines relating to parking and motoring offences must be taken seriously and our seminar will be an education masterclass for our members.”

John Pryor, ACFO

John Pryor, Director at ACFO, said: “The issues around both Fixed Penalty Notices and Penalty Charge Notices are confusing.

“It is proving to be a legal, financial and HR minefield for the unwary.

“ACFO members have highlighted examples where paperwork has been delayed or errors made following the issuing of a Fixed Penalty or Penalty Charge Notice and that has resulted in an escalation of the matter prompting major concerns.

“In many cases time is of the essence and delays in taking action can make matters worse.

“We are aware, for example, of an instance where a driver of a company vehicle was arrested after failing to respond to a notice of intended prosecution.

“Legal action always provokes worries.

“Our expert speakers will deliver to members the complete low down on the issues and what actions to take both in terms of paying or appealing any Fixed Penalty or Penalty Charge Notice and if a driver receive a notice of intended prosecution.

“Fines relating to parking and motoring offences must be taken seriously and our seminar will be an education master class for our members.”

Speakers will include Robert Toft, Head of Data Sharing at the DVLA, Philip Somarakis, Partner and Specialist Road Traffic and Regulatory Lawyer at Davenport Lyons, Spencer Palmer, Director of Transport and Mobility at London Councils, and Caroline Sheppard, Chief Adjudicator at the Traffic Penalty Tribunal for England and Wales.

Kelvin Reynolds, Director of Policy at the British Parking Association, Mike Greenslade, Barrister and Lead Adjudicator at the Parking on Private Land Appeals Scheme, Amanda Brandon, Legal and Policy Executive at the BVRLA and Rebecca Lynch, Partner at Davenport Lyons, will also feature.

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