Michelin launch unique truck efficiency-boosting Effifuel solution

Friday, July 12, 2013 - 09:38
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UNIQUE: Effifuel solution, by Michelin

Truck and trailer fleets can reduce their fuel costs with a new, unique initiative by the newly-formed Michelin Solutions.

Targeted at both hauliers and own-account operators, Effifuel is a purpose-designed solution to help customers contain and cut back on fuel expenditure.

The initiative sees Michelin working with fleets to define a contractual commitment based on fuel savings and the resources to be deployed to attain them.

Savings generated by the solution are to be shared by the partners.

Services including eco-driving training courses, monitoring of drivers’ at-the-wheel behaviour based on individual eco-scores, and the installation of telematics display units, are accessed by Michelin.

These are to give fleets complete visibility and help them remotely track fuel use.

Fuel analysts assist in gathering and studying data on fuel consumption, while also optimising tyre management through pence-per-kilometre tyre pricing with a fitment strategy to reduce fuel consumption.

This can include the installation of tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) to improve the safety of the driver, vehicle and its cargo.

Franck Estoquié, Chief Marketing Officer of Michelin Solutions, said: “Some of these services already exist individually.

“What’s new is to be able to package them together in the same solution, manage them efficiently and make a long-term commitment.”

The first stage of working with a new fleet will see Michelin conduct an audit of vehicle types, current tyres, itineraries, vehicle operating weights and driver habits.

They will then help to define an objective efficiency savings target, measured in litres per 100km.

Once a savings structure is in place, Michelin can offer fleets commitments to meet those targets over periods of up to four years.

Throughout the contract period, Michelin’s own fuel analysts conduct in-depth studies and regular fleet reports.

“The idea is not to replace fleet managers but to provide them with resources, visibility and advice to optimise their operations and involve us in the process,” added Estoquié.

“If the joint fuel saving goal is met, we share the gains.

“If it is not, Michelin solutions reimburses a portion of the expenses incurred on a pro rata basis.”

Michelin solutions claim this makes the operation risk-free for fleets, enabling the customer to considerably reduce their vehicle running costs.

Effifuel is valid for single marque or mixed fleets, and across all brands of truck, with UK deployment throughout 2013.

Michelin Solutions replaces Michelin Fleet Solutions, and currently employs more than 800 people globally, with responsibility for more than 500,000 vehicles currently on contract.

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