Michelin launch safer, quieter and more efficient 17.5” tyre range

Wednesday, October 16, 2013 - 15:00
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PRODUCT: Michelin launch new tyre range

Michelin have launched a new range of high-grip 17.5” drive axle tyres for medium weight trucks and midi-coaches.

Safer, more fuel-efficient, quieter and longer-lasting than the XDE2 tyres they replace, the X Multi D tyres were developed at the Michelin Technology Centre in France.

Available in four sizes – 215/75 R 17.5, 225/75 R 17.5, 235/75 R 17.5 and 245/70 R 17.5 – the tyres are designed to respond to recent environmental, economic and regulatory changes.

Guy Heywood, Commercial Director of Michelin’s Truck Tyre Division in the UK and Republic of Ireland, said: “Our biggest challenge was designing a tyre which could offer so many improvements, without compromising performance in other areas.

“It takes cutting-edge technology to successfully combine all these features – we call this Michelin ‘total performance’.

“One of the most notable achievements has been making these tyres 50% quieter than the previous generation.

“This is a major technological breakthrough, particularly given the number of vehicles in this sector which are used extensively in urban environments.”

Michelin designed the tyre to keep 7.5 to 16tonne commercial vehicles in service year-round on all types of road and in all weather conditions.

As a result, the X Multi D is the only truck tyre available in these four sizes with 3PMSF (3 Peak Mountain Snow Flake) certification – awarded following tests in snowy conditions.

Extensive pre-launch testing found the X Multi D offers 18% more tyre life than its predecessor and 12% lower rolling resistance for improved fuel consumption.

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