MG ZS – The Alternative To Santa’s Sleigh!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017 - 10:20
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Scientists calculated that Santa Claus needs to deliver presents to 1.6 billion children across the world – that’s a lot of space required in his sleigh, not to mention horsepower from his trusty reindeer.

Thankfully, the rest of us have far fewer gifts to dispatch during the festive season. So, while the MG ZS, MG’s newest Compact-SUV model, does not need to stack billions of gifts, there’s plenty of space if you’ve been more than generous this year.

The MG ZS was launched last month (November 2017) and is already MG Motor UK’s fastest-selling vehicle. There’s no doubt that Santa will approve: it offers a premium travelling experience for driver and passenger alike, making it perfect for long journeys – even those under the 510 million kilometres that he will cover on Christmas Eve.

The MG ZS has 55mm additional rear shoulder room and 80mm rear headroom compared to the average Compact-SUV and a huge 448 litres of boot capacity, which is 60 litres larger than the typical car in its class. There’s also a split-level boot that provides plenty of room for luggage, leisure equipment, food and drink, and, of course, those all-important presents.

Santa will encounter all manner of weather conditions when he whizzes around the globe and the MG ZS can easily match the sleigh for endurance, having undergone MG Motor UK’s most rigorous test programme to date, involving more than one million hours and three million miles of strenuous structural integrity testing, coping with temperatures as low as -35C in Sweden as high as 42C in Spain. The Compact-SUV also delivered a strong performance at high altitudes.

And, if Santa needs to reinvest in a new vehicle with a smooth and responsive gear box, the MG ZS is ideal: he can choose from a 1.5 DOHC VTI-tech, four-cylinder engine with five-speed manual gearbox, or a 1.0 GDI turbocharged, three-cylinder version of the engine, which complements the six-speed automatic gearbox option to produce a fast-paced and dynamic ride.

Crucially, the MG ZS comes with an industry-leading 7 year/80,000 miles warranty, one of the longest fully transferable warranties in its class, as standard. The warranty is an extension of the manufacturer warranty, providing customers with complete peace of mind. It also comes with the option of a six-year anti-perforation warranty, which covers against corrosion.

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