Mercedes-Benz Blackbird Campaign

Tuesday, June 13, 2017 - 18:50
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Mercedes-Benz cars always come packed with state-of-the art technology, and the same is true of the latest advertising campaign for the C-Class.

The current European campaign for the C-Class Saloon and Estate uses cutting-edge film technology that allows the cars’ stylish attributes – both inside and out – to be shown in one unbroken shot.

The viewer is taken on a continuous flight from the front left corner of the car, all the way around to the back, then through the interior, and all the way around to the front again. During this ‘infinite loop,’ the car shown switches seamlessly from a silver saloon to a blue estate.


The film was created in conjunction with visual effects and content creation agency The Mill, using ‘The Mill BLACKBIRD’ – a fully adjustable rig car that can quickly be transformed to match the chassis length and width of any car.

The width between the BLACKBIRD’s wheels and from front to back was adjusted to match that of the C-Class, and the wheels were also changed to 19-inch alloy wheels from the C-Class.

Using data from Mercedes-Benz on the design of the C-Class, the BLACKBIRD could then be used to create a fully computer-generated, photo-real C-Class in whichever setting it was deployed.

Crucially, the use of this technology allows a technically complex film to be made to look deceptively simple to the viewer, creating the best possible platform for displaying the C-Class’s stylish attributes.

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