Lothian Buses go live with Trapeze employee self-service system

Thursday, October 10, 2013 - 12:00
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EFFICIENT: Lothian Buses roll out DAS-Web module

Edinburgh-based Lothian Buses are enjoying improved efficiency after going live with Trapeze’s DAS-Web self-service module.

The system, claim Lothian Buses, has reduced interruptions to the traffic office by enabling employees to view their own data and submit requests via a web interface.

DAS-Web integrates with Trapeze’s existing DAS (Duty Allocation System) and is entirely web-based, so employees can log in whenever and wherever they choose.

Sarah Boyd, Head of Operations at Lothian Buses, said: “We are very happy with the new system.

“Once we combine it with our Intranet system, it has the potential to reduce paperwork and save time.

“Feedback from our employees is that they are impressed with how easy it is to use and that they find it more convenient than the previous paper-based system.”

Peter Bell, Managing Director of Trapeze Group UK, added: “We are delighted to see that Lothian Buses is using DAS-Web to its full potential, streamlining traffic office operations and improving employee engagement.”

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