Lorry safety cameras vital to cut cycle deaths, insist experts


COMPULSORY: CCTV vital, claim Smart Witness

Side, front and rear CCTV cameras should be made compulsory for all lorries, Smart Witness have urged, after another cyclist died on the roads.

A man believed to be 62years old was dragged under a lorry on the Mile End Road, London, on Tuesday, becoming the latest cyclist to be killed by a truck.

He was struck after the HGV driver failed to see him as he pulled away from traffic lights.

Seven cyclist fatalities this year have been caused by lorries, with blind spots on their vehicles often the key reason behind the tragedy.

Simon Marsh, Spokesperson for Smart Witness, said: “The number of tragic deaths can be reduced significantly if lorries, coaches and construction trucks are fitted with safety cameras that clearly show HGV drivers if cyclists or other road users are nearby.

“Long vehicles often have several blind spots and wing mirrors are simply not effective enough for the driver to see what is on his inside or outside, which is especially important if the driver is about to make a turn.”

Image courtesy of Fulla T, with thanks.