Illegal vehicle tracking must be tackled, RAM warn fleets

Wednesday, September 25, 2013 - 14:00
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CAREFUL: Fleets must track lawfully

Fleet managers must ensure they are not breaking the law when utilising vehicle tracking technology, RAM Tracking have warned.

Operators have a legal obligation to inform drivers of the presence of tracking units to stay compliant with Data Protection, Human Rights and Employment Rights legislation.

Chris McClellan, Director of RAM Tracking, urged companies to stay on the right side of the law by using vehicle tracking transparently and with the employee’s consent.

“Introducing vehicle tracking should be a transparent process, involving dialogue between employer and employees,” he said.

“In our experience employees do not mind vehicle tracking systems being used so long as they know and understand what the tracking system monitors and why.

“If a driver understands how tracking can be used to reduce fleet running overheads to the benefit of the wider business, and ultimately their employment, they are more likely to be receptive.”

GPS vehicle tracking has wider legal benefits in that it may also help employers stay compliant with Duty of Care legislation and the Corporate Manslaughter Act.

This is because it enables them to stay in contact with mobile workers and know exactly where their employees are at any given time.

“We advise business owners must issue a company-wide letter or notice at the point of installation outlining how data will be used and why,” added Mr McClellan.

“They should also include details of vehicle monitoring into the company handbook for future reference.”

Image courtesy of USAF, with thanks.

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