Jeep Offers Tips To Drive More Safely This Winter

Thursday, December 21, 2017 - 12:30
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Winter has arrived, bringing snow, ice and frost. Now Jeep®, the legendary SUV brand with all-weather and all-terrain capability, has issued five golden rules to help drivers stay safe in snow and ice, aided by specific driver’s assist systems available on its 4×4 models, plus common sense.

With experts predicting one of the harshest winters in years, the easy-to-follow top tips are designed to protect drivers, their families and their vehicles from the many dangers the winter elements can bring.

The golden winter rules are:

  1. Low speed and high gears
    Driving slowly is always a good idea. But on snow, it’s also best to drive in high gears.
  1. Be gentle at the wheel
    No sharp movements: no snatching at the steering wheel, sudden braking, gearshifts or acceleration.
  1. Braking on snow
    Remember: when braking on snow, engine braking is your best friend.
  1. You have less grip
    When driving on snow or ice grip drops to as little as a tenth of normal conditions. If it has just snowed, check the depth of fresh snow as you may get stuck.
  1. Braking distances are longer
    Be aware of braking distances. Depending on your tyres, they could be up to three times as long on snowy roads.

Jeep drivers are also reminded of the many market-leading features built into their vehicle to make driving on snow and ice safer and easier.

This includes a specific ‘Snow’ driving mode that maximizes traction and minimizes oversteer, advanced Jeep four-wheel-drive systems, Hill-Descent mode to help limit speed when driving downhill, higher ground clearance of up to 28 centimetres, and the availability of specialist snow tyres offering the best levels of grip.

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