JCT600 Contracts roll out Jaama software

Friday, October 4, 2013 - 15:00
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REVOLUTION: JCT600 roll out Jaama software

Vehicle leasing specialist JCT600 Contracts are ‘revolutionising’ fleet management for clients with the introduction of a new customer dashboard using Jaama’s Key2 software.

The West Yorkshire-based company have introduced Jaama’s customer dashboard to give clients direct online access to a suite of reports providing a real-time comprehensive overview of their own fleets.

JCT600 Contracts, who operate almost 7,000 vehicles, have branded their customer dashboard ‘Fleet Controller’.

The company implemented Key2 to manage their entire fleet and leasing operation last year and have now introduced ‘Fleet Controller’ – replacing a legacy system developed in house.

Brian Kirby, Systems Director of JCT600 Contracts, said: “Previously our fleet customers had to request reports and the information was not ‘live’ and not in such detail as now.

“Introduction of ‘Fleet Controller’ enables customers to obtain reports on every issue relating to vehicles and drivers.

“From service, maintenance and repair details to overdue invoices and driver licence checks to when MOTs are due – it is all-encompassing.”

Additionally, JCT600 Contracts are introducing an ‘actions menu’ within ‘Fleet Controller’ that will enable customers to undertake ‘live’ vehicle reallocations and updates to driver details.

The company are also introducing Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Scanning, which Jaama have also recently added to Key.

OCR enables almost any document to be scanned into any Key2 record with users able to create their own files into which they are automatically stored for future reference.

It means that documents can be identified and stored by reference, for example, to vehicle registration number, vehicle type, driver, contract number, accident reference number, or a combination.

“All images will be accessible for our customers to view via ‘Fleet Controller’,” added Mr Kirby.

“We will also be making images available in relation to vehicle damage.

“Our back office introduction of Key2 last year coupled with our more recent introduction of ‘Fleet Controller’ puts JCT600 streets ahead of where we were in terms of functionality.”

Martin Evans, Managing Director of Jaama, added: “Our customer dashboard is an online fleet management reporting tool that can be ‘reskinned’ by contract hire and leasing companies to meet their own individual requirements and those of their customers.

“We are working with a number of leasing companies, such as JCT600 Contracts, to enable them to function at the cutting-edge of the fleet industry in terms of delivering online driver and vehicle management solutions to their customers.”

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