Honda Celebrates 100th Pledge To Increase Fleet

Tuesday, July 18, 2017 - 10:50
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Honda UK has announced Glyn Hopkin Honda as the 100th dealership to sign up to the Platinum Programme, a key part of Honda’s award-winning corporate and fleet proposition.

The bespoke service offers advanced training for all dealer principals, sales managers and sales advisors, allowing them to better understand the needs and wants of their fleet and corporate customers. Therefore, a company car driver can walk into a dealership and receive face-to-face support, ranging from what vehicle is best for their mileage, through to taxation or contract terms.

Additionally, the Platinum Programme invites corporate customers to take a 48-hour test drive to ensure they get an in-depth understanding of how the vehicle they are interested in can meet their needs. The programme aims to increase the volume of fleet sales and aftersales driven through Honda’s UK dealer network.

Mark Flood, Honda brand manager at Glyn Hopkin, commented: “Signing up to the Platinum Programme was an easy decision. We’re constantly looking for ways to better our service to clients and to ensure they get the very most out of every visit to our showroom. Additional coaching on how we can best work with our corporate customers so they get the package most appropriate to their needs is something we’re found incredibly helpful. We’re looking forward to seeing the benefits of this programme for both our customers and our fleet operations.”

Marc Samuel, fleet sales operations manager at Honda UK added: “We’re delighted to have reached this milestone for our Platinum Programme. Having 100 dealerships signed up to the initiative is testament to our network’s commitment to delivering the best service to customers across our various offerings. Fleet and corporate custom is pivotal to our success, so creating a programme that would allow us to enhance our engagement with them is paramount. The fact that the majority of the dealer network has backed the incentive is extremely encouraging to see.”

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