GreenRoad To Exhibit Award-Winning App At Service Management Expo

Tuesday, June 14, 2016 - 10:09
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GreenRoad will demonstrate how its award-winning, driver behaviour mobile app can cut costs and improve the safety of field service fleets when it exhibits at Service Management Expo 2016.

Aware that many field service engineers may never have had professional driver training yet spend up to one-third of their time on the road, the company is targeting the field service market.

The advantages of using GreenRoad Mobile to bring about a long-term, sustainable, positive change in driving behaviour across a fleet will be explained at Stand N1550 at the exhibition held at Excel, London, from June 21-23.

The app, which works on a smartphone or tablet, monitors and analyses vehicle movements then acts as a “coach in the cab” by alerting drivers in real time when they execute risky manoeuvres such as sharp cornering or harsh braking.

At the same time, it records and analyses data in order to present to fleet managers concise reports of safety incidents and driver behaviour that are easy to read and focused on the analytics required by the fleet managers.

David Rodriguez, Senior Vice President, GreenRoad, said: “Improving driver behaviour is often an after-thought for many companies, yet the costs to a business of a bad road accident record are high and can seriously damage its reputation.

“Many companies are exposing themselves to these risks by paying little or no attention to whether or not their field service engineers have had any professional driver training.

“GreenRoad Mobile offers on-going training for drivers every minute they are behind the wheel, ingraining good driving habits that bring about sustainable change in driver behaviour.

“Our mobile solution is ideally suited to field service engineers in particular because no hard-wiring of vehicles is required, only the use of a smartphone or table, which almost every field service engineer has on the road as standard.”

The app has a number of simple tabs which present data at the touch of a finger: the hotspot tab tells managers which locations have the most safety incidents; the idling tab similarly shows where vehicles have been left idling, wasting fuel; and a tracking tab tells fleet operators where all their vehicles are, and have been.

Especially useful for field service operators, two other functions allow managers to search, when a job comes in, for the nearest field service engineer who has the appropriate experience; and for drivers to search for nearby resource they may need to complete their assignment.

An added bonus is that GreenRoad Mobile helps operators to be more fuel-efficient, cutting fuel bills, because safe, smooth drivers use less fuel than erratic drivers who frequently perform risky manoeuvres such as braking suddenly, speeding, and accelerating hard.

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