GreenRoad Announces New Partner Programme With UK Telecom Suppliers

Tuesday, July 5, 2016 - 11:43
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GreenRoad Extends Mobile Offering 2

GreenRoad Technologies, the leading provider of driver behaviour and fleet management solutions, is looking to partner with telecoms suppliers in the UK to meet demand for its ground-breaking mobile offering.

The announcement follows the launch of GreenRoad Mobile, a mobile application that provides the ultimate solution for driver safety by acting as a “coach in the cab”, warning drivers in real time when they stray from a safe, smooth driving style.

GreenRoad Mobile is one of the most innovative solutions available in the market and one which the company sees as providing telecoms resellers with a value added proposition which will strengthen their existing product portfolio.

Further by partnering with resellers GreenRoad will be able to extend its reach across the UK by developing an alternative route to market.  It’s a win win approach and one which GreenRoad is confident will be popular amongst the telecoms reseller marketplace.

GreenRoad Mobile is a product which easily complements a reseller’s product portfolio.  Easy to fit, without the need for any hard-wired installation, GreenRoad Mobile monitors 150 vehicle movements, detecting risky manoeuvres such as harsh braking, sudden acceleration, sharp cornering and swerving.

By alerting drivers in real time to their risky behaviours, GreenRoad Mobile encourages them to change and ingrains good driving habits every minute they are behind the wheel, leading to permanent and positive change.

All drivers need to do is to download and run the GreenRoad app on their smartphone or tablet then place the mobile device in the cockpit of the vehicle.

As well as giving feedback in cab, GreenRoad analyses data and compiles succinct, easy to read reports on driving performance for fleet managers

Although it is early days GreenRoad has already received considerable interest from resellers in its new programme.  Chris Horbowyj, GreenRoad’s UK Director of Sales, said: “It is an exciting initiative and one which we are confident will quickly gain momentum.

“GreenRoad Mobile works on smartphones and tablets so it makes sense to offer it through telecoms  resellers because it will be an added value proposition for them.

“By expanding their portfolios to include GreenRoad telecoms resellers will be able to give their customers the opportunity to join in this revolution in telematics – a truly portable driver behaviour solution that delivers long-term change.

“Using GreenRoad Mobile enables drivers to avoid risky manoeuvres, reduce accident-related costs, lower insurance premiums and at the same time cut fuel bills because it makes safe and fuel-efficient driving become second nature.

“It is easy to use, offers total flexibility and comes with the added benefit of GreenRoad’s exceptional after-sales service.”

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