Global Live Cycle Scanner safety system available for HGV retro-fit

Wednesday, July 24, 2013 - 09:00
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SAFE: Cobra searching for pilot HGV fleets

Cobra are searching for HGV fleets to test their Global Live Cycle Scanner after making the system available for retro fit.

The vehicle security and surveillance experts are looking for pilot fleets in the London area, so further functionality can be added to the £899 product.

Cycle Scanner was specifically developed in response to the growing issue of cyclist safety, particularly in the capital.

It features a scanner and six sensors along the vehicle’s nearside to detect a cyclist, while also utilising a live video camera to view around the HGV.

If a cyclist enters the HGV’s nearside, the Cycle Scanner warns both the driver in the cab and the operator back at base with automatic alerts.

The device also provides live images and a recording of every journey.

This produces instantly-available evidence in the event of an incident along with GPS location to show the vehicle journey and location.

Andrew Smith, Managing Director of Cobra UK, said: “We identified the cyclist safety issue very early on and developed the system in just a matter of months.

“It allows HGV operators to retro fit their vehicles with a reliable system that gives drivers a visual and audible alert to help avoid accidents, bringing the truck of the future to the streets of today.”

Image courtesy of Fulla T, with thanks.

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