Gain Solutions Rolls Out Improved Handheld Inspection Software

Monday, November 28, 2016 - 14:12
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gain solutions

Gain Solutions is rolling out a new version of its unique handheld inspection software.

The company offers fleet and dealer solutions covering all aspects of the management of captive, external and hire fleets, vehicle appraisals, refurbishment technologies, logistics and dealership processes.

The Vehicle Inspection System is a stand-alone handheld mobile system designed to produce fully costed inspection reports, supported by images and signature capture.

Making use of the latest industry recognised labour and parts (supplied on a monthly basis by Thatcham) time data, the handhelds can be configured to clients’ individual pricing structure. Additionally, with no need to be connected to the internet, they can be used in any location, however remote.

Gain Solutions has seen a significant rise in inspections in the past 12 months and the team of inspectors has grown by over 25% with plans to recruit more inspectors to meet increasing volumes.


Created by the in-house team of developers, the 4G enabled Android handheld devices allow vehicle inspections to:

  • Clone, white label, amend and use as a recharge document for end of lease vehicles
  • Configure and split the cost for clients using multiple refurbishment centres with different pricing matrix
  • Use as authorisation for refurbishment agents to work a vehicle, allowing the refurbishment agent to invoices against work lines, which are reconciled to hours and parts pricing. This also enables the refurbishment agent to submit one invoice a week/month to the client
  • Take multiple images, including for marketing purposes


All inspections are held on Gain Solutions secure server, with each client having their own access to view inspections.

Marcus Blakemore, commercial director at Gain Solutions, said: “The new version of our handheld inspection software, further enhances the stand-alone mobile devices making them even more effective and reliable. As well as producing fully costed inspection reports that are supported by images and signature capture, the upgrades make the inspection process more efficient, minimising refurbishment time and cost while maximising saleability, next loan satisfaction and turn round time.

“Over the last year our partners have seen increased volumes and we expect this trend to continue and so to meet the rise in inspections, we’ve embarked on a recruitment drive. Our team of inspectors has grown by a quarter and we have plans to recruit at least three more inspectors in the final quarter of this year. This latest development will further support our growth strategy.”


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