Driving Directly Home For Christmas: New Keyfuels App Helps Drivers Navigate To Nearest Fuel Station

Tuesday, December 13, 2016 - 13:26
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Keyfuels, one of the UK’s market leaders in providing commercial fuel card solutions, has launched a new mobile application to help drivers locate and benefit from its 2,000 plus sites. The new application offers:


  • Integration with Google maps to form a built in satellite navigation system, showing site locations across a planned route to help drivers find the most convenient sites to refuel along their journey


  • Push notifications, reminders and messages to provide alerts for drivers, for example when they are in close proximity of a discount diesel site


  • New integrated icons to allow easy navigation of sites, including distinguishing those that are discount diesel sites;



The new application, which is available across Android, IOS and Windows will be automatically updated on a daily basis and has been designed for ease of use by drivers to easily access information about sites and services from which they can benefit.


Commenting on the new application, Kyle Fedyszyn, Digital Marketing Manager at Keyfuels, said:

“We’ve taken on board feedback from Keyfuels drivers who rely on being able to access sites on their delivery routes to keep to their schedules.  We’ve designed this new application with functionality and ease of use in mind. Being able to access these services not only on a website but via a map will improve driver mobility, ensuring that the backbone of industry is free to focus on driving British business. Available across all platforms and with new alerts and notifications the application will save drivers time this festive season and beyond.”


For more information visit www.keyfuels.co.uk

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