Don’t text and drive this Christmas, urge iPointlive

Friday, December 20, 2013 - 09:00
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URGE: Don’t text and drive, say iPointlive

Technology firm iPointlive are urging drivers to avoid texting while driving this festive season.

Latest figures released by the DVLA show that more than half a million drivers have been caught and fined for using their phones while driving.

Steve Cole, Director of iPointlive, insisted firms must be aware of the possible consequences if their employees use the phone while driving during work time.

“Traditionally, there’s always a heavy emphasis on preventing drink driving at this time of the year, and rightly so,” said Mr Cole.

“But drivers, and those companies who employ them, should also think about adopting an additional safety message this year – don’t text and drive.

“Many drivers who wouldn’t dream of drink driving think nothing of using their mobile phone at the wheel, but research has shown that it can be as dangerous as being a quarter over the legal drink drive limit.

“Texting or using your phone to make calls whilst driving is not only illegal, it can have catastrophic consequences.

“In addition to the driver getting prosecuted for dangerous driving, if they commit the offence during work hours, companies could also face huge fines for failing to comply with health and safety legislation, or for failure in their duty of care as an employer.”