Days tackle ‘cash for crash’ scammers with in-cab dash-cam offering


BUSTED: Days offer Smart Witness cams

Days Contract Hire are helping fleets battle ‘cash for crash’ insurance scammers by equipping their cars and vans with video recording cameras.

Developed by Smart Witness, the windscreen-mounted camera technology will be offered to all customers, potentially boosting fleet safety and reducing insurance premiums.

In the event of a road crash or other incident, the device can provide court-admissible evidence and protection against fraudulent claims.

It also aims to benefit driver behaviour by improving road safety, fuel economy, and vehicle wear and tear and maintenance costs.

The technology can also work in tandem with telematics and vehicle tracking solutions sourced via Days Contract Hire’s partnership with Quartix.

Jay Lovell, Client Development Executive at Days Contract Hire, said: “The system can be used to achieve significant cost savings, improve duty of care compliance and assist in the defence of drivers in the event of an incident.

“There is concern, particularly in the public sector, that commercial vehicles are being targeted by ‘cash for crash’ gangs.

“If a camera is recording a vehicle’s journey then detailed evidence can be provided to those investigating the evidence.

“We recommend that fleets have the technology wired in so that when the vehicle starts the camera begins recording.

“Video footage can also prove particularly useful if an incident occurs involving a multi-driver vehicle and there is a discrepancy of who was at the wheel.”

Adam Wild, Strategic Partner Manager at Smart Witness, added: “The evidence from our cameras overcomes conflicting reports of actual events and lack of witnesses.

“Historically, vehicle CCTV cameras were only fitted by a handful of companies to HGVs.

“But the corporate focus on occupational road risk management, the growth in fraudulent insurance claims and insurance companies concerned at the changing profile of claims means demand for the technology is increasing across public and private sector fleets.

“No other on-board recording system delivers benefits that include lower insurance costs, enhanced safety, driver appraisals and cloud upload to insurance brokers and insurance companies allowing fast resolution of claims.

“Within two hours of an incident, a fleet manager can submit a report to their insurer that shows exact location, vehicle speed, deceleration, road conditions, as well as video footage of what really happened.”

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