Cost and convenience determine where drivers fill up

Tuesday, October 14, 2014 - 11:29
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Where do you fuel up?

Only 3% of motorists will go out of their way to buy branded fuel according to a new study

In a survey commissioned by of 2007 adults in the UK, it has been revealed that the majority of motorists appear to choose where they buy their fuel based on cost alone (42%), while other important factors include proximity of the fuel station to the driver’s current location (10%) or the station’s proximity to home (9%).

A further 8% were found to be lured to a station that offers them a chance to earn points or collect loyalty rewards whereas 4% chose to buy supermarket branded fuel.

With this in mind, supermarkets appear to have the upper hand as they are often first to cut prices and they also lure motorists with offers of loyalty rewards and are usually very convenient to access.

With fuel prices currently standing at around 127p per litre for petrol and 131p per litre for diesel – it can pay to shop around for cheaper fuel, although it is important not to go too far out of your way and burn up any saving you might make.

“While it is understandable that motorists prioritise finding the cheapest fuel, it does make sense to also consider how far away it is. While it is tempting to go chasing the cheapest deal, sometimes it does not make economic sense,” says Dave Timmis, M.D of “It also interesting to see the impact of supermarkets retailing fuel; while motorists don’t appear to pledge much loyalty to either supermarkets or brand fuel stations, they are lured by offers, convenience and price – areas which supermarkets often excel in.”

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