‘Concerning’ majority of at-work drivers speed

Thursday, January 23, 2014 - 15:00
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CAUGHT: Do you speed while working?

Six-tenths of motorists speed while driving for work, a MiX Telematics survey has revealed.

Across Britain, France, Germany and Spain, 63% of all at-work drivers admit to regularly going over the limit, with 34% transgressing at least once a week.

Excuses include keeping up with traffic flow (53%) and pressure to meet schedules (37%), while more than 40% speed on motorways, main roads and in urban areas.

Drivers in Britain claimed they were most likely to speed on motorways (63%) but, shockingly, believe there is only a small chance of serious consequences for breaking the limit.

Being stopped by the police was the most common response, while causing harm to others or the self were rated at just 14% and 13% respectively.

Losing the driving licence scored 16%.

Steve Coffin, Marketing and Operations Director at MiX Telematics, said: “The knowledge that two-thirds of drivers in Britain, France, Germany and Spain routinely speed while going about their employer’s business is a concern to companies in each of these countries.

“Our survey also found that more than three quarters of all drivers – 77% – receive no training whatsoever related to speeding while driving for work.

“Of the 23% of drivers who have received training, the majority were truck or bus and coach drivers.

“Within this group, 82% stated that their training had a positive influence on their driving behaviour.

“An overwhelming majority reported that they are now more conscious of their speed as well as their acceleration, braking and gear-changing, resulting in a smoother driving experience.

“In addition, 33% reported avoidance of excessive idling.”

In terms of drivers being fined for exceeding the speed limit over the past 12months, truck drivers led the way with 17% receiving penalties.

Britain was also found to be the country in which speeding fines are most commonly handed out.

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