Chorley Council Vehicle Graphics Most Cost-Effective

Friday, February 3, 2017 - 14:55
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Forward-looking Chorley Council has found a cost-effective way of encouraging people to keep streets clean and visit the town’s attractions thanks to Spedian™ reusable vehicle graphics.


It is running a series of adverts on refuse trucks highlighting two campaigns – ‘Check Out Chorley’ promoting the town and the ‘Don’t Mess with Chorley’ drive against littering and dog fouling.


Seven of the council’s garden and dry waste recycling vehicles have been fitted with Spedian™ vehicle graphics systems which allow messages to be easily changed without damaging the vehicle in any way.


As a council with a lot to say – Chorley is wooing businesses and investing in the town centre – the flexibility of the Spedian™ system was attractive. Graphics can be applied or removed in less than one hour.


Unlike adhesive vinyl panels, Spedian™ vehicle graphics leave no sticky residue or imprint of previous images behind. They can also be stored away and used again.

Jo Oliver, Waste and Streetscene Manager, Chorley Council, said: “Fitting Spedian™ vehicle graphics to our recycling fleet is a relatively cheap way to get our messaging and branding out to the Borough.


“The vehicles visit every street and it is an excellent way of reaching some 50,000 households. We previously used a different system but Spedian™ is more cost effective and offers excellent customer service.


“We are delighted with performance so far – so much so that we are now fitting out another vehicle, a small bin truck, with Spedian™. The graphics have been up for several months and they look great.”


Lawrence Craig, CEO or Roadvert, which produced Spedian™, said: “Council vehicles are an ideal medium for reaching the public as they go everywhere, not just on the main streets, and are highly visible.


“More and more councils are displaying posters on their bin lorries and street sweepers because they see the value in it. Some are earning extra income by selling space to third party advertisers – it’s a growing market.”


The Spedian™ system of vehicle graphics has been tested at Horiba MIRA, one of the premier testing tracks in the UK, and found to be robust and durable. The system requires no nuts, bolts, rivets or screws to be applied to the vehicle.


Chorley Council is working to attract more businesses to the Lancashire town, which is 40 minutes’ drive from Manchester Airport and close to Leeds and Preston, with its Choose Chorley for Business campaign and the offer of grants and business support.

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