Changes In The PSA Group Executive Committee And Board

Thursday, July 28, 2016 - 12:53
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PSA group Jean-Philippe Imparato

This new organisation structure, which will retain the current Brands/Regions/Professions framework, is primarily to guarantee the roll-out of the Group’s mobility services, boost its performance in China and ensure that the upcoming global launch of 121 products is perfectly orchestrated in every region.

Accordingly, Grégoire Olivier has been appointed to lead a new Mobility Services Department on the strength of his business development skills, and will be replaced as head of the China & Southeast Asia region by Denis Martin, who has demonstrated his ability to deliver high-level performance for the Europe region. Maxime Picat, who has honed his expertise at the head of the Peugeot brand, will take the reins of the Europe region, where he will lead the product and technology offensive set out in the Push to Pass plan. Jean-Philippe Imparato, (Pictured) currently spearheading PSA Retail’s remarkable development, will take Maxime Picat’s place at the head of the Peugeot brand in order to write another chapter in its success story.

The other members of the Executive Committee will generally remain focused on their current roles, while also sharing responsibility for the cross-functional aspects of the Push to Pass strategic plan.

At the request of the Chairman of the Managing Board, the Supervisory Board has approved the inclusion of Maxime Picat in the PSA Group Managing Board, to replace Grégoire Olivier. Jean-Baptiste de Chatillon and Jean-Christophe Quémard will continue to serve on the Managing Board.

Commenting, Carlos Tavares said: “With these changes, we are creating the best possible conditions for executing the Push to Pass strategy for profitable growth, while at the same time continuing to enhance our business efficiency on a daily basis. Now more than ever, the PSA Group Executive Committee is collectively committed to satisfying our customers.”

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