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Cenex seeking your low-carbon fleet vehicle enquiries for LCV2013 ‘Question Time’

Wednesday, August 21, 2013 - 08:00
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QUESTION: Cenex seeking fleet LCV enquiries

Cenex are seeking ultra-low carbon vehicle enquiries from fleet managers ahead of their ‘Question Time’-style session at next month’s LCV2013.

The UK’s first Centre of Excellence for low carbon vehicle technologies, Cenex are hosting the event at LCV2013 on September 5, at Millbrook Proving Ground.

It will see an expert panel answer pre-submitted questions from fleet managers about ultra-low carbon vehicles, with the audience actively contributing to the debate.

Cenex have assembled an expert panel with experience in introducing electric, hybrid, gas and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles into fleet operations.

The expert panel will answer questions from fleet managers related to such vehicles, as well as questions related to cars, vans and trucks.

On the panel currently are Chris Chandler, of Lex Autolease, Andy Eastlake, of LowCVP, Martin Flach, of Iveco, Bob Moran, of OLEV, Peter Harris, of UPS, and Chris Walsh, of Cenex.

Additional members are being recruited.

Robert Evans, CEO of Cenex said: “Fleet managers are an incredibly important cohort within the UK low carbon vehicle community.

“They are the first adopters of new technology and at the vanguard when it comes to validating the business models, notably for gas and electric vehicles.

“We are really looking forward to what we believe will be a very interesting session for all those involved in fleets.

“The ‘Question Time’ format will allow our experts to provide in-depth answers from contrasting perspectives, whilst the audience will be able to make their own comments and contributions.

“We are hoping to have a large number of fleet managers in attendance and that low carbon vehicle technology developers will also join in the session to actively contribute.”

Fleet managers can register to attend LCV2013 free of charge by August 30.

To register, visit HERE; questions for the panel can be submitted HERE.

Cenex will collate all submissions and select a broad set of candidate questions to be answered by the panel.

Fleet managers will then be invited to personally pose their question to the panel on the day.

Cenex are an independent not-for-profit company, who have established their position as the leading independent experts in low carbon vehicles and fuels.

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