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Cemex UK pilot reVUE driver coaching

Tuesday, December 17, 2013 - 14:00
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ROLLED: Cemex UK pilot reVUE

Building materials supplier Cemex UK are piloting evidence-based reVUE driver coaching after rolling out CCTV technology across their commercial fleet.

Cemex initially trialled the systems on their London-based tipper fleet, and have now installed trial cameras and data recorders into several of their concrete mixers and cement tanker vehicles.

reVUE, from VUE CCTV, utilises footage and driving data in order to give commercial drivers coaching-style feedback.

Carl Milton, Regional Logistics Manager at Cemex, said: “Installing the camera systems is part of our further commitment to a strategy of safer vehicles in our communities and on our roads by reducing blind spots, improving driver behaviour and training and being able to review incidents.

“We have begun piloting reVUE which analyses video footage to enable a more effective way of assessing driving behaviour and proactively coaching drivers to further reduce the risk of incidents and accidents with other vehicles, and vulnerable road users.”

Glen Mullins, Director of VUE, added: “Cemex is leading the way in improving road safety in its sector and its decision to install our vehicle cameras has already proven to help make the roads safer for cyclists and other road users.

“Through reVUE, our professional driver trainers and driver behavioural experts are now working with CEMEX to help them analyse and interpret video footage in order to deliver evidence-based driver coaching.

“Our research revealed drivers in vehicles fitted with a VDR and receiving feedback intervention will take significantly fewer risks and improve their attitude to driving more carefully.”