Buyers rack up £353million-a-year faulty used car bill, study finds

Thursday, December 19, 2013 - 15:00
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FAULTY: Buyers have wasted £353m this year

Around £353million has been blown on faulty used cars in 2013, figures show, with four in five purchases containing at least one hidden problem.

The alarming statistics, from Citizens Advice, revealed repairs cost an average of £225, with one in nine faulty cars costing more than £1,000 to fix.

Vehicle information expert HPI are warning buyers over the coming year to not fall in the same trap.

Shane Teskey, Senior Manager of Consumer Services at HPI, said:  “Last year 2.7million used cars were sold privately in the UK and Northern Ireland, which could equate to over £480million pounds spent on faulty cars being repaired.

“Too many used car buyers are falling foul of dodgy cars from shifty sellers.

“Don’t be hoodwinked into parting with your cash without conducting rigorous checks.

“People rarely buy a house without having a survey, so why would they happily buy a car without having it inspected?”