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ARI Fleet roll out refreshed insights®

By Kyle Lindsay
Tuesday, January 21, 2014 - 15:00

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RELEASE: Dan Durrans, of ARI Fleet

ARI Fleet UK are rolling out the next generation of ARI insights® after a six-month development period.

insights® grants fleet managers access to vital information at the touch of a button, collecting, integrating and analysing critical vehicle and driver data from various sources.

As well as the new user interface, insights® ’ processes have been streamlined with a more meaningful menu structure built-in to reduce overall training time and enhance user experience.

The latest version also introduces integrated fuel data capture, telematics analysis and additional customisable fields.

Dan Durrans, Manager of Client Information Systems at ARI Fleet UK, said: “With the rollout of this latest version of insights®  now complete, it means that we can provide the very best fleet management tools to all our UK customers.

“Each of the new features has been incorporated because it gives fleet managers greater control over their data, helping them to improve overall fleet performance and achieve the lowest possible TCO within their fleet.

“Feedback from customers has shown that the new and improved insights®  system is already delivering positive results and we look forward to receiving further feedback from them over the coming months.”

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