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Amber light outbreak to ‘spell disaster’ for complacent drivers

By Kyle Lindsay
Monday, January 13, 2014 - 09:00

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DISASTER: Do you take notice of vital amber hazards?

The overuse of amber warning lights on vehicles is weakening their impact as an early hazard indicator to road users, the SURVIVE Group have warned.

According to the Group, the increasing number of vehicles using warning lights or beacons to alert others of their presence is causing safety complacency among road users.

In many cases, the Group claim, amber lights are being used incorrectly – causing a ‘cry wolf’ effect and ‘diminishing their value as a key safety feature’.

Traditionally, warning lights and beacons should only be used in situations where the vehicle is deemed to be a hazard to other road users.

Rob Gifford, Chairman of the SURVIVE Group, said: “Flashing amber warning lights are becoming such a common occurrence of a road user’s daily journey, that they are becoming complacent to them.

“We need to educate those who use them to do so for the right reason, otherwise the consequences could be devastating.

“SURVIVE has concerns over the misuse of warning lights in those situations where they are clearly not required.

“We want an overall reduction in the unnecessary use of them, so that when they are used, the public more readily associate them with a genuine risk or hazard.

“SURVIVE would like to remind the users of vehicles fitted with warning lights/beacons that their purpose is to warn of a specific hazard.”

Image courtesy of kenjonbro, with thanks.

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  • FLYINGBLUEDOG says...January 16, 2014 (11:39)

    Tend to agree. And they get left on when the vehicle is no longer a hazard!!

    The worst are the rear flashing LED lights on some wide loads that at night, are difficult t distinguish from indicators!!

    I run a car transport company towing with a Shogun and occasionally pop one on at night and/or in country lanes/villages with narrow roads as most drivers do not seem to be aware that the trailer I’m pulling is wider than the Shogun!!