Altodigital boost service and cut costs with TomTom


SLASH: Altodigital roll out TomTom

Digital print and document solutions provider Altodigital are looking to improve customer service and cut mileage claims with TomTom fleet management technology.

The company have rolled out WEBFLEET across their 100-strong car fleet, using the platform to locate their mobile workforce and efficiently allocate jobs and route engineers.

Engineers will also no longer have to complete manual mileage sheets at the end of each day, instead using the WEBFLEET Logbook app to keep accurate journey logs.

Lou Read, Service Operations Manager at Altodigital, said: “Trying to resource, plan and dispatch more than 100 engineers can be very difficult, but with TomTom’s solution at our fingertips we will be able to streamline and improve our operations.

“What’s more, we are raising awareness of driving behaviour and encouraging improved driving standards, cutting fuel costs and boosting employee safety.”

Giles Margerison, Sales Director at TomTom Business Solutions, added: “Tools such as the WEBFLEET Logbook app and driver behaviour monitoring technology, along with data on speeding, harsh braking and steering, create greater business efficiency.

“By working together with easier access to actionable data, drivers and employers can make smarter decisions to realise benefits for the entire organisation.”

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