Alphabet aiming to kick-start EV adoption with AlphaElectric

Tuesday, October 8, 2013 - 14:00
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Alphabet are seeking to more than double the adoption of plug-in electric cars from 4,200 to 10,000 by 2016 through a new business-targeted initiative.

AlphaElectric, a new business consultancy service based on a four-step process that addresses the main barriers that have hampered EV adoption, is central to the drive.

Alphabet claim a more consultative approach is needed to dispel the myths about plug-in vehicles such as availability of charging points, range anxiety and safety.

By focusing on the corporate market as an early adopter, the business, which is part of the global BMW Group, is convinced that more widespread adoption of EVs can be achieved in the UK.

At present, UK adoption of EVs has been modest, with only 138 units sold in 2010 and 1,082 sold in 2011.

Sales rose sharply in 2012 with 2,254 cars registered by the DVLA, while year-on-year sales in August 2013 have shown an increase of more than 70%.

Richard Schooling, CEO of Alphabet, said: “Our research suggests that there is a significant opportunity for the UK’s 29million car drivers to take a fresh look at plug-ins as a real alternative to their petrol and diesel vehicles.

“While there is so much talk about limited battery life, car performance and available charging points, we think the single biggest barrier to EV adoption, both privately and corporately, is lack of joined-up thinking.

“Manufacturers of various new EV models have possibly focused on the benefits of their own vehicles, with not enough time and effort being spent on helping the business or driver to overcome their fears about adopting a new technology.

“Our new service, AlphaElectric aims to walk fleet managers through a simple four step process that takes away the stress and misconception about EVs.

“We’re confident that through initiatives such as ours, we can easily help to double EV sales again next year.”

Launching at the Saatchi Gallery in London on October 22, AlphaElectric comprises four key steps and is ‘marque neutral’.

The launch event will take business and fleet managers through each stage of the AlphaElectric process – initial scoping, charging infrastructure, vehicle choice and mobility options.

Image courtesy of NCDOTcommunications, with thanks.

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