ABAX Launches Campaign For Triplog Technology

Tuesday, October 31, 2017 - 14:30
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ABAX has launched a new advertising campaign to show that all trips are memorable with the use of their technology.

To tie in with the Halloween fright season, the advert for social media and radio features a man in a car who gets a shock when a clown suddenly appears on the back seat of his car. The message of the campaign is ‘you remember some trips better than others’.

The easily installable Triplog is a GPS-powered vehicle tracking and mileage claim system for everyone who uses a vehicle at work, and this stores all vehicle journeys, both business and personal mileage.

ABAX UK Chief Executive Chris Miller said: “We use vehicles to go on trips all of the time. Some we remember and some we don’t. Perhaps it’s memorable because you are driving back from a successful business meeting or you have passed through a picturesque part of the country.

“With ABAX Triplog all of your trips are memorable as they are recorded using our technology so they are saved forever. With ABAX Triplog you also get the visibility required to control and reduce vehicle fuel costs, improve efficiency, and automate mileage records and time sheets.”

The advert will initially appear regionally on radio stations and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. An advert has also been made for Norwegian and Swedish television, two countries where ABAX has a large presence.

Chris added: “The advert has a surprise element to it but the message is clear and supports our strong sales activity in UK and overseas. We are constantly pushing the boundaries and innovating in our field to make sure we continue to stand out from our competitors.

As well as the UK, Sweden and Norway, ABAX currently operates in Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, China and Poland.

The company’s UK head office is at the Allia Future Business Centre, ABAX Stadium, Peterborough.

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