Op-Ed: Ruined roads and driver discontent

Friday, August 15, 2014 - 16:50
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This is a drawing but it’s getting closer to reality

When will it all change?

Every morning, on my drive to work, I hit the same damn pothole coming off a roundabout. I do this without fail because, due to it’s location near the exit, it is impossible to miss. I pay road tax and I also end up paying for wheel reallignment and I wonder – surely I should only be paying for one of these things?

This summer, millions of Britain’s drivers have crawled to their holidays on crumbling roads, congested with road works. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve been stuck in traffic on a motorway this summer… I vaguely recall the concept of motorways being that it streamlines your journey and will get you to your destination faster. When you take an earlier exit to drive an A road because it will cut half an hour of your predicted journey time, you know something is wrong.

With this in mind, it warms my heart that the Alliance of British Drivers (ABD) has teamed up with NMAG (National Motorists’ Action Group) to produce a Motorists’ Charter – a 17 page call to action for the government on behalf of motorists. The coalition government stated that the ‘war on the motorist’ would end but if it has I haven’t noticed much of a change. Instead, branches of central and local government seem to be promoting measures that can only be described as ‘anti-car’.

Since the last general election, the RAC has warned of growing driver discontent. If the authorities won’t respect their views, the problems won’t go away, and neither will Britain’s drivers, over 30 million of whom have votes. The full Motorists Charter can be read by clicking the image:

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