Contra Vision: Not so controversial

Wednesday, June 25, 2014 - 16:02
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EXPERT: Sally Hubble, of Signs Express

So, what is Contra Vision?

In short, it’s a brand name for a type of perforated window film which allows you to see through it one way whilst displaying an image or message when looking at it from the other side.

This is achieved by hundreds of tiny holes being punctured into the film.

The film itself has a black adhesive on one side whilst the other is white to allow the print to be applied.

This technology allows you to ‘see through’ the tiny holes on the side with the black adhesive, creating a ‘tinted window’ effect whilst showing an image or message clearly to those looking at the window, not through it.

Perforated window film comes with different levels of transparency; 60% material / 40% clear view and 70% material / 30% clear view – the ‘clear view’ refers to the amount of ‘holes’ vs the amount of material.

The recommended use in vehicles would be 60/40 on the side windows and 70/30 on the rear – (obviously leaving the windscreen clear at all times!).

When using perforated window film on a vehicle, it is applied to the outside of the windows.

There are matched laminates available to apply over the film to maximise its life span and protect it from weather, car washes and general wear and tear – these are recommended for vehicles which intend to keep the graphics for a long period of time.

If the perforated window film is being used to promote a short-term offer then the finished result is usually more aesthetically pleasing without the use of the protective film over-applied.

There are many different suppliers who offer their own brand of perforated window film, and each work on the same basic principle and are a great way to utilise your fleet vehicles with your branding or a company promotion.

For larger vehicles it’s a fantastic way to create high impact designs with seamless continuity to showcase your products or services.

Using vehicle graphics, including window technologies, allows companies to turn their fleets into high profile mobile advertising sites with the ability to reach potential customers that other advertising mediums may not.

I would however always recommend you speak to an experienced graphics applicator for further advice before investing in any type of vehicle graphics to ensure you get the best possible results from any investments you might make.

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