CV fleet operators missing out on £2.6bn fuel savings?

Monday, April 13, 2015 - 11:18
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Go Ultra Low’s commercial vehicle offerings

Ultra-low emission commercial vehicles standing out in battle to cut fleet fuel expenditure

New research from Go Ultra Low has shown that commercial vehicle operators and fleet managers are missing out on a share of more than £2.6 billion potential fuel savings, accessible by opting for an ultra-low emission van.

Thousands of commercial vehicle drivers and fleet managers will head to Birmingham’s NEC this week for the UK Commercial Vehicle Show, the perfect place to assess the benefits on offer from low-emission motoring. Businesses operating ultra-low emission vehicles can significantly reduce annual fleet management costs. The savings are immediate, with a government grant of up to £8,000 towards the purchase price and 100% of the vehicle’s value applicable to write off as a capital allowance.

Compared with the cost of operating a diesel-powered van, nearly half (1.8 million) of the 3.7 million vans on UK roads could tap-in to the typical £1,459 per vehicle annual savings on the cost of fuel. Millions of operators run small and medium-sized vans as back-to-base or short-haul vehicles, a duty-cycle perfectly suited to pure-electric vans (e.g. the Nissan e-NV200 and Renault Kangoo Van Z.E.) and plug-in hybrids (e.g. the Mitsubishi Outlander 4Work).

Commenting on the findings, Hetal Shah, Head of the Go Ultra Low campaign said: “Ultra-low emission commercial vehicles make so much sense for operators large and small, particularly when you consider the massive fuel savings on offer and the opportunity to write-off the cost of the vehicle. Add to the mix lower maintenance fees and tax rates, plus the potential for reduced whole-life running costs, and they really do make a compelling option.”

Thanks to CO2 emissions of less than 75g/km, all ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEVs) are exempt from road tax. Other advantages such a nationwide network of free recharging points and no congestion charges in London make ULEVs a valid alternative to traditionally-fuelled vans.

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