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Sheffield Clean Air Zone goes live

Monday, February 27, 2023 - 09:15
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The city of Sheffield is committed to improving air quality for its residents, visitors, and the environment. As part of its efforts, the Sheffield Clean Air Zone begins today (27th February 2023) to help reduce harmful emissions from vehicles.

What is the Sheffield Clean Air Zone?

The Sheffield Clean Air Zone is an area in the city centre where drivers of high-polluting vehicles are required to pay a fee to enter. The zone covers a large area of the city, including the inner ring road and some surrounding areas.

Why was the Clean Air Zone introduced?

Air pollution is a significant public health concern, and vehicles are a major source of harmful emissions. The introduction of the CAZ aims to reduce levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and other pollutants that can harm health and the environment.

Which vehicles are affected?

The Clean Air Zone, which is a zone C charging zone, applies to certain types of high-polluting vehicles, including buses, coaches, and HGVs that are below Euro 6 Diesel specification.

The charge also applies to taxis and LGVs that also don’t meet Euro 6 Diesel or Euro 4 Petrol standards.

Owners of non-compliant vehicles will need to pay a daily charge to enter the zone.

How to check if your vehicle is compliant?

You can check if your vehicle is compliant with the CAZ requirements by visiting the official government website or using the government’s vehicle checker tool.

What are the charges for non-compliant vehicles?

The charges for non-compliant vehicles entering the Sheffield Clean Air Zone are as follows:

  • Buses, coaches, and HGVs: £50 per day
  • Taxis, vans/LGVs: £10 per day

Payment can be made online up to 6 days prior to the day of travel, on the day of travel, or by midnight on the 6th day after entering the CAZ.

What are the exemptions?

Certain vehicles are exempt from the CAZ charges, including emergency vehicles, military vehicles, and vehicles used for medical purposes. Additionally, residents and businesses within the Clean Air Zone may be eligible for a grace period or exemption if they meet certain criteria.

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