Mercedes−Benz eCitaro: Travelling in the Blue Lane

“What will move us next,” is the slogan of the IAA MOBILITY 2021 from 07 to 12 September of this year in Munich. Visitors to the IAA can now discover what the passengers of the fully-electric, state-of-the-art city buses bearing the three-pointed star are already experiencing: four Mercedes-Benz eCitaro will be transporting them quietly and locally emission-free in the “Blue Lane” between the event locations “Summit” on the exhibition grounds and “Open Space” in Munich’s city centre.

Mercedes−Benz eCitaro

Visitors to the IAA MOBILITY 2021 will be by four Mercedes-Benz eCitaro buses in the “Blue Lane” between the event locations “Summit” on the exhibition grounds and “Open Space” in Munich’s city centre.

The eCitaro transports visitors to the IAA MOBILITY 2021 in Munich

It is at the “Summit” where vehicles experience their world premiere, and new technologies and mobility solutions are presented. The “Open Space” at Munich’s finest locations is the public stage for vehicles, technologies and much, much more.

Four eCitaro and other vehicles are travelling back and forth between these locations, demonstrating the great efficiency of today’s city buses. Autobus Oberbayern, a renowned bus transport company, is responsible for the organisation of this unique bus route.

Ground-breaking technology, attractive design, modern equipment

Onboard the buses, passengers experience the broad spectrum of the Mercedes-Benz eCitaro with its innovative power in technology, safety and comfort. The four eCitaro solo buses are equipped with classic NMC batteries (lithium-ion technology).

On the outside the striking blue decor with passenger car motifs from Mercedes-Benz illustrates the connection between the great and innovative brands with the star. In the interior, passengers discover the different design equipment variants of these modern city buses and, after a tiring day at the exhibition, enjoy the benefits of the contemporary comfort provided by the highly efficient climate control, comfortable seating and USB ports for charging their mobile devices while travelling. Presentations provide information about ground-breaking technologies which help shorten the travel time of around 30 minutes between the event locations. Depending on the version, the buses are equipped with game-changing safety equipment with Safeguard Assist, the turning assistance system and Preventive Brake Assist, the active brake assistance system.

Mercedes−Benz eCitaroExtensive protective measures against risk of infection onboard

All of the buses are fitted with the very best protective measures against risk of infection from COVID-19. They all have driver protection partitions, highly-efficient active filters in the climate control system and hands-free disinfectant dispensers in the entrance areas. Furthermore, the passenger compartments are cleaned at regular intervals and the contact surfaces disinfected. This will ensure that the visitors to the IAA do not only enjoy clean travel in the fully-electric driven shuttle buses from Mercedes-Benz but also maximum safety.