Pertemps Driver Training at the forefront of remote delivery

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, here at Pertemps Driver Training we have been at the forefront of keeping the UK commercial driver network compliant with their legal training requirements by providing online Driver CPC Training services.

Pertemps Driver TrainingOver the past weeks, many of us have had to learn to do things in a fundamentally different way. The national crisis has made us think about how we can continue to deliver the training, which is mandated to all LGV drivers, whilst complying with national guidelines during the lockdown period.

What we do know, is that many of our customers will need support over the coming months as we work through the lockdown and build towards the future. Preparing now for the demands that will undoubtedly come post lockdown is a challenge we must all take on.

We are aware that some within the sector are currently operating at or above maximum capacity due to the additional supply chain demands being placed on the industry during the lockdown. Whilst the Government has relaxed some of the regulations on drivers’ hours, there remain drivers who are seeking guidance and training to get back into the sector. Therefore, sector engagement is vital.

COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the way we need to do business in the training world, consequently the sector has been adapting to provide training online. With the advancement of online learning technologies, such as webinar tools to facilitate real-time communication, we can improve the interactivity in an online learning environment. Learners and trainers are fully engaged and very satisfied with their webinar-facilitated delivery sessions to date.

“The instructor was first class, with an excellent style of teaching, which kept us all interested and focused throughout the online session with lots of interaction. The system was very simple to log on to at 7.45am and use before the session started at 8am. I had no technical/ internet issues throughout the day with the Webinar and was always able to listen, learn and participate on the subjects taught. Thank you for setting this up for us.” Customer Feedback, Clean Linen Services

Many ask us how online DCPC works? It is quite simple and is as straightforward as face to face delivery. The only difference is that it can be attended from the comfort of your own home by logging onto our webinar training platform. Learners can see the trainer, engage fully in the debate as the session progresses in the same manner as usual. In fact, they can even raise their hand and ask a question.

Webinar features are:

  • Recording of the whole session to add clarity and compliance for audit purposes
  • Sharing video presentations
  • Whiteboard sharing
  • Chat and feedback
  • Online interactive group sessions
  • Financial benefits for the Learners / Less travel

Find out more about Pertemps Driver Training remote DCPC delivery here:

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