Former police chief backs webinar to help cope with lockdown

Wednesday, November 4, 2020 - 08:03
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As lockdown looms a community-minded group is offering pro-active support to businesses, employees, self-employed, and individuals to help people cope in the light of the latest restrictions.

Stuart Noble, former Chief Superintendent of Lancashire Constabulary and a Blackpool Pride of Place partnership board member,  is one of those taking part in a webinar on Thursday (November 5) – the first day of lockdown – to offer advice on how to build up personal resilience during these challenging times.

The webinar, which takes place from 2pm-3:15pm, has been organised by the Fylde Coast Responsible Business Network, to provide invaluable practical advice and support, and to signpost businesses and individuals to where they can gain further help for their specific needs.

Employers are invited to attend to hear about how they can help the wellbeing of a workforce that is increasingly anxious about the future and employment as a result of Covid-19, and the latest lockdown. Individuals and self-employed workers who may be going through a difficult experience themselves, are also invited to attend.

As well as the health risks of Covid-19, for organisations and individuals there is also increasing  uncertainty surrounding employment, finances and relationships, all of which can have a detrimental impact on both physical and mental health.

Stuart, who will open the personal resilience webinar, said given Blackpool and the Fylde Coast’s specific social issues including deprivation and reliance on a tourism and hospitality economy, that Blackpool Pride of Place and the Fylde Coast Responsible Business Network felt it was important to act and to take a proactive approach by offering practical, easy-to-access advice and support.

Stuart said: “We recognise that across Blackpool and the Fylde Coast there are people for whom the threat of losing their job, being furloughed, or having their hours reduced is causing particular concern.

“There are groups of people, particularly given the social deprivation which exists in areas of Blackpool and the Fylde Coast, who will worry that if they were to lose their jobs that they would be unlikely to gain further employment. That can lead to anxiety and depression and other issues.

“If we can predict what is going to happen, then we need to act now and do more to prevent it. That’s why we are organising this webinar to help people build up their personal resilience and to encourage them to take some simple steps which can help them at this difficult time.

“This is about the business community across Blackpool and the Fylde Coast being proactive and coming together to make a positive difference across our communities. It’s about the public sector working with the private sector across the area through the Pride of Place Partnership and the Fylde Coast Responsible Business Network to help people in our communities access the help they need.”

Andy Anderson, head of R&D at Victrex and a member of the Fylde Coast Responsible Business Network, has led on the initiative from the private sector and been a driving force behind the webinar whose guest speakers will include:

  • Neil Sladen, (Mind-that-gap) – Neil, a psychotherapeutic counsellor will give an overview to ‘Mind that Gap’ a programme that promotes awareness of personal wellbeing, effective coping strategies and building psychological resilience.
  • Alison Crompton, Rapid Response Service Co-ordinator at DWP – What support is available to companies and their employees from the DWP Rapid Response Service before and after redundancy
  • Carolyn Watkins, Commissioning Officer at Fylde & Wyre CCG – Emotional wellbeing support across the Fylde Coast and how to access this service

Organisers have stressed that those who attend will not be able to see other participants during the webinar and will therefore be able to maintain their anonymity. Attendees will also be able to ask questions in private via the chat function. Questions can be sent in advance to

To register for the webinar visit:


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