Fleet Source breaks the boundaries for safer roads

Nick Caesari, Fleet Source founder and Chief Executive Officer

Leading driver training provider Fleet Source has responded to growing demand from the fleet industry for an all-roads solution to Vulnerable Road User training, with a brand-new Driver CPC training package.

Ensuring VRU-training relevance across the UK, Safe UK Driving covers professional driver training in cities, rural areas and on motorways.

Fleet Source CEO, Nick Caesari, comments: “Fleet professionals and commercial drivers don’t need me to tell them that the responsibilities and challenges of safe driving don’t end once they emerge from city boundaries.

“The industry is well aware that in addition to urban area driving, motorways and rural routes are a major part of their journey planning. We’ve been working closely with key customers to develop a training package that encompasses every aspect of their working environment, not just the challenges of our busy city roads.

“With the Department of Transport’s latest reported figures for road casualties in Great Britain*, revealing that the majority of road deaths – 58% – occurred on rural roads, it is clearly vital that we equip drivers with the skills which address the specific issues they will face on country roads, as well as in urban areas and on the motorway.

“UK roads are becoming increasingly complex, congested and challenging for those who have to operate on them on a daily basis and anything we can do to mitigate those challenges, reduce risks and better prepare drivers to identify and predict hazards and hazardous situations, will ultimately help to save lives.”

Safe UK Driving is a comprehensive one-day course, which is Driver CPC approved and meets FORS Silver, CLOCS Standard and contractual Work-Related Road Risk standards.

  • The Department of Transport 2018 annual casualty figures showed a total of 1,784 road deaths. 1,030 occurred on rural roads, 646 on urban roads and 107 on motorways.


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