DriveWise reduces risk through better data assessment and training

David Slack

A key aim for all fleet managers is minimising the number of incidents involving their drivers. Key to this is assessing their exposure or attitude to risk. Online driver assessments have been on the scene for a number of years. However it’s a time consuming business for both driver and assessor. And, with the best will in the world, there can be a tendency for the driver to provide the answer that they think will give them a better ‘score’.

DriveWise, a new service from Driver Hire, the leading supplier of staff to the road transport & logistics industry, has the potential to make the process both speedier and more far more reliable.

DriveWise is the latest addition to Driver Hire’s portfolio of driver risk management products. Aimed, initially, at car and van fleet operators, the DriveWise profiler is a proactive tool that enables fleet managers to fully understand the relative risk exposure of each of their drivers – and to take action to address those risks.

“DriveWise uses information mainly provided by the customer from licence checking information, previous incidents, telematics, mileage and any other company specific data,” says David Slack, Driver Hire’s Commercial Director. “It then interprets the data and prepares a clear report demonstrating a driver’s exposure or attitude to risk, without the need for a lengthy practical assessment process. In short it provides customers with an ethical driver risk profile based on fact on fact not opinion.”

Using this data, DriveWise then offers one-to-one in-vehicle coaching. “Our coaches receive the driver report prior to the session,” David continues. “An ongoing driver improvement plan is then drawn up to be used in either a full or half-day session followed up by an ongoing personal driver improvement plan. We’re also offering group workshops covering subjects that aren’t suited to in-vehicle coaching, such as driver fatigue, mobile phone use and driving in extreme weather. We firmly believe that DriveWise has the potential to improve road safety, reduce incidents and maximise return on investment for each of your drivers.”

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