Dometic launches ultra slim highly efficient truck parking cooler

Driving long range requires some breaks for drivers to rest and recover in order to stay alert. In warmer climates, parking coolers are a prerequisite to make such stops comfortable so that the drivers can rest properly.

To cut the cost and energy consumption, Dometic introduced variable speed compressor inverter technology to the new generation of parking coolers. This creates a boost in cooling capacity while current consumption kept low and ensured smooth operation up to 12h depending on outside and inside condition.

Peter Kruk, President EMEA, Dometic says, “The new Dometic CoolAir SPX is the slimmest product on the market. It is specially designed for trucks that have no possibility to install a classic roof parking cooler because the cabin is too tall or already fitted with a roof-mounted structure.

“We hope to make travel life more comfortable and easy for drivers with important assignments. With good rest, drivers are more efficient and this helps fleet owners’ businesses stay healthy, as well.”

The new generation SPX split system is structured to install the compressor unit separate from the evaporator to ensure flexible installation in almost every truck available in the market. The evaporator unit is available in two different versions: SPX1200T with a slim structure for roof top installation and SPX1200I for in-cabin installation to improve the interior design.

Key Features:

  • Very low running noise
  • Boost mode for quick cooling
  • Pre-filled with refrigerant for quick installation
  • High cooling capacity: 1200 W after ISO 5151
  • Only 5A power consumption in Eco mode
  • ADR-compliant for all class except EX/II, EX/III
  • Vehicle specific installation kits for smooth integration
  • Paintable shell casings
  • Undervoltage protection
  • Dakar tested in extreme conditions

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