Drive Vauxhall and CitNOW put video learning in the spotlight

Drive Vauxhall has partnered with CitNOW to deliver a Group-wide video learning programme, including a two-week ‘roadshow’ across its UK sites.

The learning programme will support Drive Vauxhall staff as the retailer aims to maximise the use of CitNOW’s video platform to bolster its customer service and customer retention activities.

Visiting 15 Drive Vauxhall locations in a two-week learning ‘roadshow’, the CitNOW Academy will help establish video best practice throughout the entire Group.

The roadshow will run alongside a training programme to help staff maximise the use of video to engage customers and provide a modern customer experience.

CitNOW currently supports Drive Vauxhall with its Sales, Workshop and Bodyshop applications, with the CitNOW products integrating into the retailer management system to support a more seamless customer journey.

The learning initiative will see the CitNOW Academy help build staff engagement with video throughout the business by holding sessions with Service Managers, Service Advisors and Technicians alike.

For Drive Vauxhall, the objective of the bespoke learning programme is not simply to maximise the impact of video for its customer service levels, but ensure that video itself is used consistently throughout every customer’s journey, with an emphasis on quality.

Adrian Baker, Aftersales Training Manager at Drive Vauxhall, explained: “Personalised video is such a powerful tool for a retailer – throughout the business – when it’s used effectively and consistently.

“Achieving that consistency can be a challenge, so the CitNOW learning programme is a great opportunity to establish best practice and ensure everyone in the business buys into personalised video and what it can offer: helping to develop trust and transparency into every customer interaction.”

Amir Rizvi, Head of Academy, commented: “It’s great to see a retail group like Drive Vauxhall, which has built a reputation in the industry as a real leader in customer service, championing the benefits of personalised video.

“This is a case study in what the CitNOW Academy can offer retailers; learning and developing personalised video skills across the Group to help truly maximise what the CitNOW platform can deliver.”

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